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Monitoring microparticles with Aeromon Particle Counters

Due to the ever increasing purity requirements and increasing number of contamination sensitive technologies in the field of pharmaceutical production, as well as the semiconductor industry and in other industrial sectors, the number of cleanrooms in manufacturing and production facilities has steadily increased in recent years . On the one hand, attempts have been made in many places to minimze the production waste or the error rate by eliminating possible sources of contamination, and on the other hand, the safety aspects of aseptic processing, for example cytostatics, are gaining an even greater importance.

For continuous detection of the particle contamination, therefore, optical straylight principle based particle counters have proven to be an essential quality assurance measure in many cases. According to directives DIN EN ISO 14644, VDI 2083, inter alia, as well as in the applicable GMP guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry, the respective limits regarding the maximum permissible particle concentration are defined.

In many cases, a continuous particle size classification and measurement, or at least a manual check  of compliance with the limits inside the clean room is required by guidelines. Niotronic particle counters were specifically developed to comply with the   requirements in the cleanroom technology and provide in conjunction with the Telemon monitoring system realization of a fully comprehensive particle monitoring system.

Aeromon particle counters allow a complete spectral analysis of airborne particles and show impressive results with the optimized digital signal processing. For detecting the particle concentration, the clean room air is sucked by a vacuum pump through an isokinetic sampling probe through the measuring cell of a particle counter. The airborne particles pass through a laser beam, the resulting scattered light is converted by a photodetector into electrical pulses. In general, the particle sizes of 0.5 to 5.0µm per defined sample volume (1cf, 1m³) are measured.

Up to eight channels can be arbitrarly calibrated and simultaneously detected and evaluated. For the purpose of spectral analysis, an alarm limit for each particle channel can be set. The particle size range is between 200 nm and 10 µm. For easy connection to Measurement and control or HVAC systems, analog, freely scalable and electrically isolated outputs can be provided. Aeromon particle counter can be perfectly integrated into the Telemon monitoring system. The digital data transfer with error protection and encryption is free of additional measurement uncertainties. Aeromon particle counters are optionally available with an integrated vacuum pump, or for require the use of a centralized vacuum supply system. Devices without an integrated vacuum pump are often preferred due to zero noise emission in the work area.


  • Particle spectral analysis
  • 8 configurable particle size channels (0.2-10µm)
  • "Health" -State
  • Flow Monitoring
  • "SnapIn" mounting bracket
  • Full digital connection to the Telemon Monitoring system (BUS)
  • Optimized cleanroom Integration by various covers
  • H2O2 resistant