Perfect cleanroom integration

The Aeromon series particle counters and its accessoires are perfectly tailored to cleanroom usage. Starting with a hygenic case design featuring angled surfaces, continuing with various mounting and covering options regarding the particle counters within and outside cleanrooms, an easy to clean and movable probe mounts with magnetic adhesion up to fixed installation particle measurment systems in safety cabinets, all particle measurment related requirements in the pharmceutical industry, manufacturing of cytostatics, pharmacies with own manufacturing, semiconductor industries etc. are met. The pure digital connection to the Telemon monitoring system enables the acquisition of up to 8 particle size channels (either distributive or cumulative), massflow and eventual error states.
Activation and deactivation of particle measurement can either be accomplished by the use of the monitoring software or directly controlled via external digital control inputs. This allows a perfect integration of the particle acquisition system and the safety cabinets, particle measurment synchronously starts and stopps with the safety cabinet. Even the centralized vacuum supply in case of the use of particle counters without integrated vacuum pump is controlled synchronously with the activation / deactivation of particle measurement by the monitoring system. The particle counters integrated operating hours counter facilitates the specific forward planning of maintenance and calibration work.

Range of applications

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Manufacturing of cytostatics
  • High-security laboratories
  • Pharmacies with own manufacturing
  • Research laboratories
  • Medical technology suppliers
  • Food industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Optics manufacturing
  • Semiconductor industry
Integration examples