Perfectly mates with the Telemon Monitoring System

All particle counters of Aeromon series can be connected directly to the digital Telemon Monitoring System. Compared to monitoring systems relying on legacy analogue interfaces (4.20mA, 0..10V etc.), any distortion of the measured value by external interferencea  is avoided and a much larger dynamic range can be provided, which means that both very small particle numbers (e.g. limit value 1 particles at 5.0┬Ám in Class A areas) as well as very large particle concentrations are fully captured and visualized. In addition the digital connection allows the transmission of error states (eg failure of the vacuum pump, laser failure etc), as well as controlling the particle counter remotely. For example, you can start the particle measurement directly through the activation of a safety cabinet, or a laminar flow, and this will be documented in the monitoring system's audit trail. These important security features as well as comfort functions are usually not available to or realizable only by indirect means with conventional analog solutions, such as those used by many competitors.