Remote particle counters

The  Aeromon series remote particle counters  have been specifically designed to be used with monitoring systems or in conjunction with third party external displays and visualization solutions. The connection to this can be established via the integrated NIO bus interface (RS485), or when used with third-party monitoring systems via the optional integrated analog outputs (4-20mA). In addition, the devices can be equipped with an independent alarm output for direct connection of an optical or acoustic signal generator. Optionally, the particle measurement can be enabled / disabled via the integrated control input driven by an external control signal. The built-in flow indicator promptly signals possible flow fluctuations that might affect  particle acquisition, while the automated periodical checking of the laser unit reliably avoids undetected faulty or zero measurements.

Since the devices do not have an integrated vacuum supply, no disturbing pumping noises are emitted inside the clean room, while the vacuum supply is taken over by a centralized vacuum pump. This design enables significant cost savings, especially for larger clean room facilities with a large number of particle counters due to elimination of many individual vacuum pumps.

Counters with external vacuum supply

Counters without integrated vacuum supply must be connected to a centralized vacuum pump. This is especially in case of multiple particle counters a cost effective way. The centralized vacuum pump is directly  controlled by the monitoring system the counters are attached to.

Counters with integrated vacuum supply

Thanks to the integrated vacuum generation, the devices can be used on the one hand for manual measurements in the clean room, as well as in smaller clean room facilities, in which a central vacuum system is not profitable to be used.