The airlock control system for trouble-free transitions

The compliance of cleanroom categories in cleanroom technology requires closed systems. The transitions between different pressurized areas is secured with airlocks. To eliminate reciprocal contamination, multiple airlock doors must never be open at the same time. Additionally, after opening a an airlock door, adequate relaxation times must be allowed before opening another door.

If the room parameters lie outside of the acceptable range, the airlock doors must not open. The release of each airlock door is effected by the monitoring system, which monitors the GMP condition of the individually pressurized areas. The Doormate airlock management was developed specifically for the requirements of cleanroom technology and its functionality far exceeds the necessary minimum requirements.

Doormate is a modular airlock control system, highly flexible configurable and expandable at any time specifically designed for use in clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals etc. to easily implement simple mutual door interllocks, multi-level locks, up to multiple locks with complex prioritization functions. Doormate can be used anywhere where the opening of individual doors must be subject to certain conditions, or specific procedures for input / output must be enforced i.e. a lock of a door can only be opened when other doors are closed, or after a certain time has passed from closing other doors, the pressure conditions are inside the airlock specific limits, or whether other people are present inside the airlock.

Flexible and modular