...and even simpler configuration

For simple start-up and diagnosis, the Door Mate central unit has LED idicators for all digital inputs and outputs, as well as bus status indicators to verify communication with the door panels. The configuration is done via a convenient Windows software that is connected to the central unit by means of the USB bus. The software visualizes the states of all the door panels, the digital inputs and outputs, as well as virtual timers.This allows the very simple and complete traceability of all internal system states during start-up in real time from a tablet or a laptop PC.The actual definition of the flow behavior is determined by logical expressions. Independent logical expressions that link the states of inputs and outputs, as well as the virtual timers can be defined for each opening request, emergency stop, to reset the emergency stop state, for lighting control, and to trigger and reset all timers, and digital outputs .To detect the passing direction - and for realization of special functionality, for example, entering before leaving, additional internal variables are available. On request, the central unit can also be deflivered fully pre-configured based on an exact definition of the desired processes.