Easy installation

The installation of the doormate lock control components is extremely simple and even possible without special electrotechnical knowledge. The central processing unit is available in a pre-wired control box with all the available panel connections, digital inputs and outputs. The door panels are supplied ready for installation. Because communication with and the supply of the door panels is done by a three wire cable (single wire bus and two supply wires)  with up to 100m cable length and the supply of the door panels is carried out via the central unit, the a single multi core cable between the central unit and the door panels is sufficient. The electromechanical door lock (24V DC) can be connected directly to each door panel. The door contact and an optional presence detector can optionally be connected to the door panel, or to the universal digital inputs of the central unit. The door panels also have a 230V power outlet (separate 230V supply at each pair of door panel required) for direct control of the airlock illumination, with timer controlled automatic turnoff.

Maintenance and repair

The Doormate lock control does not require any maintenance and repair activities, and is therefore suitable for an uninterrupted 24/7 operation.