Continuous monitoring of environmental parameters as part of your quality assurance system

The central task of a clean room is to protect the product produced in the clean room  from any contamination and sometimes also the people working in it from the product. To meet these basic requirements, specific environmental conditions must be respected. For example, the pressure ratios of individual clean rooms must comply with each other to prevent less clean air to flow into cleaner areas when opening a door, or to make sure certain temperature and humidity values are within the limits in order to prevent condensation on chilled products or unwanted moisture buildup onto sensitive products. But how can you ensure and demonstrate that the defined cleanroom class is always repected, i.e. particle limits are not exceeded, the pressure levels have not been reversed temporarily, or the surrounding temperature / humidity remained within the allowed range?
The continuous registration, recording and monitoring of parameters

  • pressure
  • particle concentration
  • temperature
  • Humidity
  • Flow rate

and targeted alerts when limits are exceeded gives the operators the certainty that they can produce under guaranteed conditions, enabling them to react quickly in case of failure, to avoid production errors and to minimize the damage. The Telemon monitoring system has been developed precisely for this purpose.It informs the operator in real time on compliance with the critical parameters and alerts immediately in case of deviations - Telemon is a guarantee of complete transparency and security in the operation of the clean room facility.


  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Pharmacies with sterile production of parenterals preparations
  • Laboratories
  • Hospital pharmacies with cytostatics production
  • GMP cleanrooms
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Laundries for medical workwear
  • Cosmetics Manufacturer
  • Life Science Industry
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Optics Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturers