• Telemon

    Reinraum Monitoring

    Telemon Monitoring sorgt für eine lückenlose Überwachung Ihrer Reinräume und garantiert damit Ihren erfolgreichen Produktionsprozess. Das unverzichtbare Werkzeug hält Sie über alle relevanten Betriebsparameter auf dem Laufenden und liefert übersichtliche Dokumentationen. So können Sie sicher ein, dass die strengen Richtwerte für die bestmögliche Qualitätssicherung jederzeit erfüllt sind und Sie bei Abweichungen sofort alarmiert werden.

A monitoring concept for all requirements

The continuous monitoring of all environmental conditions for cleanroom processes is absolutely essential for quality assurance according to the GMP guidelines. Telemon Monitoring is the ideal solution for this task. With it, all product-relevant environmental parameters such as room pressure, temperature, humidity or particle concentration can be recorded in real-time via the attached sensors, monitored and stored in its database. Gapless traceability of the entire production process is thereby guaranteed. All registered deviations trigger an optical or acoustical alarm and are additionally reported via e-mail or short message (cellular phone based SMS). Telemon Monitoring provides complete transparency for your cleanroom, prevents faulty or inferior manufacturing and ensures hitch-free processes.

Telemon Monitoring at a glance

  • Digitally connected sensors & measurement indicators
  • Optical and acoustical alerting
  • Visualisation of unreceipted alarms
  • Multiple assessment and annotation of alarms
  • Alerting via text message, e-mail and voice call
  • Generation of signed accounts and reports
  • Multi-user system due to client-server architecture
  • FDA 21 CFR part11 compliant
  • GAMP5 / APV validated
  • Reduced qualification effort of the category 4 software
  • Modular hardware setup for future extensions
  • Perfectly mates with Niotronic sensors and particle counters
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