• Telemon

    Reinraum Monitoring

    Telemon Monitoring sorgt für eine lückenlose Überwachung Ihrer Reinräume und garantiert damit Ihren erfolgreichen Produktionsprozess. Das unverzichtbare Werkzeug hält Sie über alle relevanten Betriebsparameter auf dem Laufenden und liefert übersichtliche Dokumentationen. So können Sie sicher ein, dass die strengen Richtwerte für die bestmögliche Qualitätssicherung jederzeit erfüllt sind und Sie bei Abweichungen sofort alarmiert werden.

Gapless recording guaranteed

Already at the development stage of the Telemon monitoring system the highest possible priority was put on data safety and safeguarding against failures. Therfore ist was designed in a way that the temporary failure of either the data acquisition modules, the data concentrators, or the monitoring server cannot make recording gaps- This was accomplished by the consequent use of redundant data memories. Each data acquisition module contains a separate measurand data memory which stores all measured values together with a unique ID and time stamp. It also performs the appropriate assessment of the measurands state (OK, warning, alarm etc.).

Even in case a dataconcentrator fails, or the monitoring server is temporarly shutdown all measurands will continue to be recorded and assessed. After the exchange of the faulty component, or the restart of the monitoring server all measurand data that has been recorded during the faulty condition inside the data acquisitions modules memory will automatically be synchronized with the servers database. Thereby all limit crossings and alarm events that occured during that failure period will also be registered and can afterwards be quit and evaluated with respect to its criticality.