• Telemon

    Reinraum Monitoring

    Telemon Monitoring sorgt für eine lückenlose Überwachung Ihrer Reinräume und garantiert damit Ihren erfolgreichen Produktionsprozess. Das unverzichtbare Werkzeug hält Sie über alle relevanten Betriebsparameter auf dem Laufenden und liefert übersichtliche Dokumentationen. So können Sie sicher ein, dass die strengen Richtwerte für die bestmögliche Qualitätssicherung jederzeit erfüllt sind und Sie bei Abweichungen sofort alarmiert werden.

Digital sensor connection

A fully digital sensor connection has multiple advantages when compared to conventional analog techniques. Starting with a significantly improved immunity to interferences of the digital transmission, along with the reduction of the total measurement uncertainity thanks to the lapse of multiple analog to digital and digital to analog conversions, moreover it features one more big advantage i.e. the analog to digital conversion at the measuring point. This cuts unwanted measurand peaks due to electromagnetic interferences induced on the wires, or hard to compensate wire resistance, which in the long run may even change and induce an unpredictable and uncompensateable measurement error. An outstanding feature is the easy detection of failures and errors, due to the sensor itself sending failure messages to the monitoring system, or wire breaks being identified by a permanent communication breakdown.

Sensors which use a digital interface to connect to the monitoring system can easily be exchanged with currently calibrated ones during system maintenance, without wasting thoughts on keeping the fully qualified status of your monitoring system.

Similarely an on site calibration including the complete measurement chain becomes superfluous, because of the fact that utilizing a fully digital transmission between sensor and monitoring system cannot emerge any more measurment uncertainities except that of the sensor which has been documented by the calibration of the latter.


  • Quick and easy exchange without interruption
  • abandons calibration of complete measuremt chain
  • imune to electromagnetic interference
  • decreased measurement uncertainity thanks to A/D conversion at the sensor