• Telemon

    Reinraum Monitoring

    Telemon Monitoring sorgt für eine lückenlose Überwachung Ihrer Reinräume und garantiert damit Ihren erfolgreichen Produktionsprozess. Das unverzichtbare Werkzeug hält Sie über alle relevanten Betriebsparameter auf dem Laufenden und liefert übersichtliche Dokumentationen. So können Sie sicher ein, dass die strengen Richtwerte für die bestmögliche Qualitätssicherung jederzeit erfüllt sind und Sie bei Abweichungen sofort alarmiert werden.

Monitoring centre

Each monitoring system consists of one or more central switchboxes that contain the necessary data acquisition modules, data concentrators, systembus and network hubs and optionally pressure sensors, as well as the monitoring server in case of small systems only.

Outside of this switchbox all cleanroom sensors, the measurand displays, particle counters, as well as optical and acoustical signalling devices are controlled of course pure digitally.

Ideally the complete monitoring system should be either supplied by an existing uninterruptible power supply or on request can be equipped with its own one.

All measurand data is transfered to the monitoring server and stored in a tamper proof database and thus can be viewed comfortably at each workplace. As an option measurand data can be forwarded t to the building control system via the Telemon OPC Server. The monitoring system is compliant to all common EU and US regulatory guidlines (21 CFR Part 11, GxP, ISO 14644, DIN 2083 etc.) and has been entirely validated.


  • Matched system solution from a single source
  • multiple interconnectable switchoxes
  • redundant measurand data storage
  • fully regulatory compliant
  • on request with it own uninterruptible power supply
  • pure digital sensor connection
  • Network capability (Client-Server architecture)

Data concentrators

Directly connects to the monitoring server via Ethernet

Pressure monitoring


Monitoring server