• Telemon

    Reinraum Monitoring

    Telemon Monitoring sorgt für eine lückenlose Überwachung Ihrer Reinräume und garantiert damit Ihren erfolgreichen Produktionsprozess. Das unverzichtbare Werkzeug hält Sie über alle relevanten Betriebsparameter auf dem Laufenden und liefert übersichtliche Dokumentationen. So können Sie sicher ein, dass die strengen Richtwerte für die bestmögliche Qualitätssicherung jederzeit erfüllt sind und Sie bei Abweichungen sofort alarmiert werden.

Telemon goes wireless...

Telemon enables the wireless connection of DDS sensors by means of secure and encrytped UHF-radio links. By the use of the wireless data acquisition module (NTWBS16) up to 16 sensors each delivering one up to 4 independent measurands can be attached wirelessly to the Telemon monitoring system. Equal to all other Telemon data acquisistion modules the data acquisition continues in the eventual case of a server failure, with all captured data being intermedeately stored in the modules on board memory, assessed and automatically transfered to the server and synchronized with the database at the time the server becomes again available.
The whole transmission way from the sensors to the database is completely digital, any undetected falsification of the measured values can certainly be excluded thanks to the use of frame check sums (CRC).
In the unlikely event of radio interferences on the channel in use, the monitoring system will trigger an alarm.

Dependent on the propagation conditions as well as the current noise level the useable coverage may vary between 50 meters (shielding by thick concrete walls or grounded metal coated wall panels) and up to several kilometers under free propagation conditions.


  • Costeffective and easy to install wireless monitoring solution
  • Connects to all kinds of DDS sensors
  • Version with 4 analog inputs (0..10V / 4..20mA) available
  • Ideal solution to monitor refrigerators, incubators, autoclaves without the need to run cables
  • Connect sensors from multiple buildings wirelessly
  • Integrated 230V main power supply
  • Up to 640 sensors can be connected simultaneously