Difference pressure sensors

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Temperature / Humidity sensors

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Universal temperature sensors

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DDS Sensors - Clear advantages

Digital sensor technology convinces independent of the kind of sensor (temperature, humidity, pressure etc.) appart from its many practical handling advanteges) with some superior technical details. With DDS sensors (Direct Digital Sensing) some undeniable advantages appear in measurement technology.

  • Direct digitalization inside the sensor
  • improved noise immunity
  • reduced measurement uncertainity
  • Easy and cost effective calibration
  • Simple exchange
Immense time and cost savings at maintenance

Time savings during calibration, rapid exchange with backup sensors and the reliability associated ensure that your system is not resting unnecessarily.

Easy calibration

The sensors are calibrated outside the clean room, and swapped within seconds. Complicated calibration of the entire measurement chain is eliminated.

Most accurate values and reduced uncertainity

By digitizing of the measured value in the sensor, interferences during signal transfer are eliminated. Each analog signal is prone to interference during transmission and must be clearly beaten in the overall measurement accuracy in direct comparison with DDS.

Immediate failure detection

The user will be informed about fault conditions instantly, because the sensor constantly monitors itself and communication failures are immediately detected, shown and alerted by monitoring system.