Digital DDS Differential Pressure Sensor

By using a double sensor element and digital signal processing technology, our DDS differential pressure sensor ensures high precision and minimal drift effects. They can be connected directly and digitally to the Telemon Monitoring System. Their compact design allows them to be used in many locations of the facility, a large number of sensors can be placed in a small space. The integrated analogue output is configurable and allows various applications concerning the acquisition of the smallest pressure differences in the cleanroom technology.

The sensors can be installed quickly and easily on standard DIN rails. The pressure tubes and electrical lines are connected to the system via comfortable plug-in connectors. This simplifies the maintenance and calibration of the DDS differential pressure sensors.

Areas of application

  • filter testing
  • cleanroom technology
  • building services engineering
  • Telemon Monitoring

Key features

  • Compact design
  • Double sensor element as compensation for the influence of gravity and reduction of drift effects
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Digital DDS interface (Telemon Monitoring)
  • Software configurable analogue interface (0..10V, 2..10V, 4..20mA)
  • Calibration and alignment using software


  • Analogue output 0..10V / 2..10V oder 4..20mA
  • Calibration (factory) with EA calibrated calibration means -100..+100 Pa
  • Calibration (external) with EA calibration means
  • On-site replacement (calibration)
  • Full service

Difference Pressure Sensor

The differential pressure sensor NDPS200 gets to the point and measure differential pressures from -250 to +250 Pa. The OnBoard available validated, digital DDS (Digital Direct Sensing) interface allows for loss-free and interference-free transmission.


The integrated in the sensor additional analog output can be scaled and provides an analog signal for HVAC or BMS ready.


The Quick-Connect connectors (6mm) allow easy and uncomplicated attachment of pressure lines.

Made easy

To keep the installation time and maintenance costs as low as possible, this is done quickly and easily by snapping mechanism on 35mm DIN-Rail.

Range ± 50/100/250Pa
Sample rate 20Hz
Digital filter (Lowpass) 5Hz, 1Hz, 0.1Hz
Accuracy (DDS) bei Ta=25°CTyp.Max.
±50 Pa ±0.5Pa ±0.8Pa
±100 Pa ±0.8Pa ±1.5Pa
-250..+250 Pa ±1.2Pa ±2.0Pa
Accuracy (analog) bei Ta=25°CTyp.Max.
±50 Pa ±0.6Pa ±0.8Pa
±100 Pa ±1.0Pa ±1.5Pa
-250..+250 Pa ±1.5Pa ±2.0Pa


Analog output 0..10V / 2..10V or 4..20mA
Calibration (Factory) with EA calibrated reference -100..+100 Pa
Calibration (On-site) with EA- calibrated reference
On-site exchange (Calibration)
Full service