Doormate airlock management solution

The Doormate airlock control system allows a single CPU to control up to 8 doors, while several central units can be networked to build up larger control systems. All door panels are each connected to the central unit in pairs via a one wire bus system, which also takes over the power supply for the door panels. Depending on the door panels trim level  (control button with integrated multicolored status indicator, emergency stop, time display, light sensors, etc.), as well as the use of presence detectors inside the airlocks virtually any functions can be realized ranging from simple interlocking, to the realization of relaxation times after leaving an airlock, direction prioritization, centralized emergency stop confirmation and much more using a simple-to-use configuration software.The entire configuration is done by means of logical terms and virtual timing elements and can be created with minimal computer skills. All internal states, such as door contacts, displays, switch positions, etc. can directly be tracked in realtime within the the configuration software.

Expandable for all requirements

The modular system consists of a central unit, door control unit, displays and control elements. This setup can be easily adapted to all requirements. From simple pass-through sluices to multiple sluices with direction priorisation and presence detection, everything is possible. All logical connections and processes are freely configurable and are defined in the form of Boolean terms.

Setup and configuration of the sluice management is performed with a convenient Windows software. It visualises the I/O conditions of all connected door control units, displays and control elements.
Elegant stainless steel panels, multi-coloured LED displays and control elements, as well as optional LED digital displays for countdowns or sluice condition, blend seamless into every modern room design.

Areas of application

  • Cleanroom technology
  • Building services engineering
  • Security zones


  • Ideal solution for small and large lock systems
  • A central control unit for up to 16 panels / doors 8
  • Several control units to implement multistage locks networked
  • Multiple locks controlled by central unit
  • the highest possible security by general locking doors and openable only after approval
  • Optional operation with automatic doors or door drives
  • Optional integration of large-area buttons or proximity sensors for non-contact door opening
  • Discretion configurable function - doors can be opened only from the inside after entry
  • All features software configurable and prone to change at any time without dismantling / disassembly etc. - no inserting jumpers, setting potentiometers etc.
  • Well-designed operating buttons with multi-colored LEDs
  • 4 digit display for rinsing time, countdown, error status
  • Welldesigned illuminated emergency stop button with additional hardware-opener for interrupting the power supply of the door closer provides additional safety in hazardous situations
  • Visual and audible warning / alarm on the door panel when the door is left open for too long
  • Optical and acoustic signaling upon door release
  • Time limited multiple opening of a door after release (material lock function)
  • Configurable flushin times after closing a door
  • Easy and convenient configuration via Windows software (USB interface) by means of logical terms and timing elements - no programming skills required
  • Simple and inexpensive cabling of the door panels thanks to single wire bus system
  • Supply of door panels via central control unit
  • Digital inputs for access control system, presence detector, door contact directly on the panel
  • Power outputs for electromechanical contact and lighting directly on the panel
  • Automatic opening of all doors in case of power failure or failure of
  • CPU / bus / by control signal for integration of fire alarm systems
  • 32 digital outputs to the central processing units (universally applicable)
  • 32 galvanized digital inputs on the central unit (universally applicable)
  • Very low power consumption in sleep mode
  • Cable length up to 100 m between central unit and door panels
  • Watchdog function in the door panels and in the central unit