Dry block temperature calibrator

A precise temperature measurement is a major key element in the food and pharma industry, in medical and environmental techniques, as well as in many other areas in order to ensure a constant product- and process quality and thus a guarantee  regarding guideline and regulatory compliance. Frequent calibrations of measurands and sensors is mandatory in multiple areas, however even without the need for regulatory compliance an occasional checking of measurement erros is highly recommended. In the majority of cases this applies to fixed sensor installations, the use of portable high precision temperaure source hence is a good option.
Niotronic dry block calibrators were specifically developed for the application in the food and pharma industries and therefore feature an extraordinary precision and long term stability. In order to minimize calibration time a serious focus was placed on fast temperature changes, various hole diameters allow for an optimum fitting of different sensor dimensions, thus achieving short equilibration periods.
Operating the calibratior is exceptionally easy thanks to the integrated colored touch display, which can also be operated wearing gloves, the display can be viewed from larger distances as well. To maximize cost efficiency when doing temperature calibrations up to 4 digital temperature-, or combined temperature-/humidity sensors can be connected and calibrated simultaneously.
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