Perfect Pharma- monitoring

Continuously monitors the air quality in safety cabinets and insulators for sensitive processes.

Especially in the production of sterile or other sensitive products, the monitoring of compliance with product-related environmental conditions is essential. Digital sensors continuously measure temperature / humidity, pressure, flow rate, particle concentration etc., Telemon monitoring ensures a tamper-proof recording of all measured data. All limit exceedances and user interactions are recorded in chronological order, necessary batch reports regarding critical operating parameters can be created at the touch of a button. An increased level of safety is guaranteed by the automatic backup of all data. Optionally, redundant servers and databases will take care of continued operation in case of failure, the operation in virtual machines guarantees the shortest possible downtime if for example a server fails. The alarm system also ensures highest security. The monitoring system will talk via loudspeakers mounted inside the cleanroom the exact tag name, current measured values, limit values, timings etc.  everytime when limits are exceeded, or in case of an error,  thus allowing to localize any errors as quickly as possible.  Each alarm will additionally trigger a on site signal light, SMS or email. Telemon Monitoring, compared to a custom one-off solution, has the advantage of being purely configurable standard software, which is constantly maintained and equipped with new features. In conjunction with the digital sensor technology of Niotronic, precise and continuous recording of all important environmental parameters is guaranteed. Moreover, all common sensors from other manufacturers as well as safety cabinets and insulators can also be integrated easily into the monitoring system. Automatic functions such as automatic startup of particle measurement at the startup of the safety workbench or similar functionality can also be realized in the simplest way.

Pharma- monitoring

Digital cleanroom monitoring as insurance in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and sensitive products.